About Us

  • Morrison Fiduciary Advisors is a fee-only investment consulting firm. The firm does not manage money and does not have any affiliations with investment managers or broker/dealers. This independence allows the firm’s advice and counsel to be completely objective and in the best interest of its clients.
  • The principals of Morrison Fiduciary Advisors have a strong background in investment management and these skills provide a strong foundation for providing superior investment consulting services. Morrison Fiduciary Advisors serves as the “Chief Investment Officer” (CIO) for its’ clients and accepts a sense of responsibility for all aspects of the fund’s operation.
  • Morrison Fiduciary Advisors has formed a cooperative alliance with the Wilshire Associates Co-Op to provide performance measurement and attribution analysis to client accounts. The Wilshire Co-Op is recognized as an industry leader providing performance measurement services to over $1.0 trillion in client assets.
  • Morrison Fiduciary Advisors serves as an ERISA co-fiduciary when engaged by the client. This status requires the firm to maintain a higher standard of care and adhere to proper fiduciary procedures.


Morrison Fiduciary Advisors was started because objective investment consulting services for middle market funds was in short supply. Many existing investment consulting companies have conflicts of interest which typically result in poor investment structure, high costs and compromised investment performance. Morrison Fiduciary Advisors avoids conflicts of interest throughout the entire investment consulting process providing clients reliable advice and counsel.

The fiduciary investment process continues to be more complex and trustees often find themselves at a disadvantage when confronted with unpredictable market conditions, advanced investment strategies and sophisticated vendor presentations. Morrison Fiduciary Advisors provides clients with the necessary sophistication to address theses challenges in the most effective manner possible.

The result is that client accounts enjoy a well run investment process and Morrison Fiduciary Advisors maintains a long list of satisfied clients.  (Back)